Ever wonder  how your life would be if you didn’t choose the path you take now?

Ever wonder of that certain feeling whenever you change your mind about something?

Do you think of that time when you were offered a job and agreed to it but instantly regret it when another job came right after you signed a contract on the other one?

Or  that feeling when someone who didn’t even put enough effort as much as you but passed every single exam they take in just one go?

Do you ever think of that time where  you felt that your plans would work but then the outcome was not what you expected?

Those whys, what ifs, maybes, buts, stills, because and every excuses you make when something goes wrong or you’re too afraid to do what you have to do.

How does it feel to have those questions keeping you company every single day?

You know, life is full of uncertainties, regrets, anxious feeling and pretentions but life is never MEANINGLESS.

Life is a meaning itself. It is believing that you can overcome every obstacles that the world throws at you no matter how hard they are …

It is inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity because you know that it comes and it goes.

It is learning to love yourself and give enough to the other people around you..

Life is not wasted no matter what you are going through. LIFE IS MEANINGFUL.

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless


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