Those subtle contrasts – does it really make a difference?

via Daily Prompt: Nuance

This is the first time that I am actually responding to a prompt as I am too lazy to think of what to say or let’s just say I am trying to hide away from my feelings. However, this prompt, made me ask myself a lot of questions such as “Will this certain change on my daily lazy routine could actually make nuances in my life right now?”, “Does having a sort of a fine distinction of something in your life/career/love can make a difference” and so on.

In life, you get through a lot of heavy stuff that sometimes you want to escape from just to feel good even if it’s just a few minutes or maybe days. It feels like what you are going through doesn’t make sense that you question everything and overthink things. I, myself, is an over-thinker whereas I do not do anything about a certain situation that I’m going through to make it better just because I feel like it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s  just hard to undergo that process again and come up with the same result. Nevertheless, trying out and making a subtle difference in a situation can also make wonders in life that often give hope and miracles. It takes courage and perseverance as well as patience to mentally prepare you with what lies ahead when you move.

The nuances in the perspective of a person can change a him may it be bad or good. These delicate complex of contrasts in one’s perception of a situation can make a difference in his life  although there will be unpredictable results.  It’s up to you on how you will handle these nuances in your life and make it a positive factor so that you will be able to move forward. These fine distinctions and changes in life may sometimes be hard to accept and may take awhile but once you get to fully embrace it, you will definitely have a positive end-result.

So, nuances for me is relevant as it can take you somewhere you needed to be. Although it will be difficult at times, it will definitely be worth it in the end. All you need is time and a little bit of reflection in order for you to overcome hardships in life and accepting these subtle contrasts.





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